Early demo now available as part of the Steam Game Festival

We’re thrilled to announce that an early demo of Invisible Wings is now available as part of the Steam Game Festival! Take a sneak peek and play through the whole story so far in the upcoming week! You can download the demo now on the store page of Invisible Wings.

Demo livestream

Don’t forget to tune in at our demo livestream next saturday at 12pm PST/9pm CET as well! During this event Danae Dekker (creative lead) and Katherine Tole (voice of Aranea) will play the demo, chat with the audience, and host a Q&A about how this project came to be. See the event page for more details!

Quick notes for the demo

The early demo is not a finished product yet, which means that you may need some help to go through the whole story. We hope the following notes can help you when you’re stuck:

  • When Dawn wakes up from her dream and you can interact with the items in her bedroom, you need to listen to all three interactions on the photo in order to make the bed interaction available. Interacting with the bed gives you the opportunity to continue to the next day.
  • During the skating scenes it’s normal that there is a few seconds between the different dialogues, because this is where music events will happen in the future.
  • In some interaction scenes there are items that can make music (the radio in Dawn’s bedroom and the jukebox in the diner). Those objects have all interactions available, bu music doesn’t play at the moment.

Should you have more questions, feel free to shoot us a message on Twitter, of which the link is below or on the store page as well!

Release date

On April 15th the demo of Invisible Wings will be released as an interactive visual novel. This demo features a fully polished vertical slice of Dawn’s story, which can be played in roughly 45 minutes, and acts like a proof of concept for the world and the complete story.

After this release, we will look into funding and start a crowdfunding campaign in order to turn Invisible Wings into a fully-fledged narrative adventure game. With your help the rest of the story can be realized, and you can continue this adventure together with Dawn, Lilith and Aranea! We’re not going to spoil anything, but there are still a lot of surprises waiting for them!

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