Release date for the definitive patch will be January 15, 2023

Brace yourselves and take out your calendars, because the definitive patch of Invisible Wings will be released on January 15, 2023! This release date is a bit later than initially anticipated (at the end of 2022), which has the simple reason of having a deadline for another amazing project I’m working on in December and allowing myself to avoid crunch time for two projects. I hope that despite all the delays you’re still looking forward to get your hands on this improved version of the game!

The biggest update in patch 1.3 will be the addition and revision of background music in the scenes. This was already planned for the initial release, but various reasons made it hard to incorporate the total vision I had for the visual novel in the first release. But that’s not all! Based on feedback provided in the Steam reviews, there will be two other major improvements in the patch:

  • Invisible Wings will be rebranded with an added subtitle, signifying that this visual novel only contains the first part of the story I intend to tell eventually. The game only acts as a proof-of-concept and demo for the story, which will hopefully be made more clear by adding a subtitle for potential new readers. The description on the game pages and other texts will be updated accordingly to reflect this change.

  • The updated game will remember your progress in the story! Since the short playthrough time and the initial nature of the visual novel, it wasn’t possible to save progress along your journey, but taking into account the received feedback the game will automatically save your progress when you enter a new scene, giving you the ability to continue where you left off another time.

Patch 1.3 will also include some minor tweaks and a small surprise, so tune in on January 15, 2023 to experience the definitive version of Invisible Wings! As always, you can hop by at Mae’s Place, our cozy Discord server, or follow Audune Games on Twitter to stay up to date about our development process and announcements!

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