The definitive patch for Invisible Wings: Chapter One is available now!

Audune Games is very excited to announce the release of the definitive patch of Invisible Wings! Head over to the Steam store page or the download page to download the patch and enjoy the first chapter of the story of Invisible Wings with a lot of new music!

As I’ve been looking forward to releasing this patch since I’ve started working on this project during my graduation as a composer and technical audio desginer, which has been over three years already, I’m glad the definitive release of Invisible Wings turned out as I envisioned and I hope you will enjoy this final version of the visual novel as much as I enjoyed creating it! Furthermore I would like to thank all people who helped me making this project a reality, especially Maricu Mana for her beautiful art, Eva van der Meer for her excellent writing skills, and the voice actors who gave life to the characters in the game!

As usual, you’re very welcome to join Mae’s Place, our cozy Discord server, to talk about the update, Invisible Wings in general or anything else, or follow Audune Games on Twitter to stay up to date about future announcements!

The first chapter

As you might have noticed, the name of the visual novel has been rebranded to Invisible Wings: Chapter One. This signifies that the visual novel only contains the first part of the story I intend to tell eventually in a bigger game of a different genre. This game only acts as a proof-of-concept and demo for the story, which will hopefully be made more clear by adding a subtitle for potential new players. I would like to thank the reviewers on Steam for pointing this out and I hope that the name change will make it more clear what to expect from this game!

Updated features

First and foremost, patch 1.3 of Invisible Wings: Chapter One features a lot of new background music! This is something I always envisioned during the development of the visual novel, but due to perfectionism and personal reasons it eventually took two years to make this a reality. However, I’m more than happy with the result and I hope the music will give a playthrough of the game an even more immersive experience!

Second most inportant is the ability to save your progress in the visual novel! The initial intention of the game was to be played in one session, but due to feedback from Steam reviewers the game now automatically saves your progress whenever you enter a new scene in the story, giving you the ability to continue where you left off another time. I hope this will accomodate the players who prefer reading through the visual novel in multiple sessions!

Now on to the small surprise I mentioned earlier: from now on the visual novel can also be read with French and Spanish subtitles! Many thanks to Cassandra Plagelat and Eric Montiel López for their work on translating the game into those languages!

With the release of the new music, the soundtrack for Invisible Wings: Chapter One has finally been released as well! The soundtrack features 24 minutes of music which can be heard in the visual novel and is currently available to buy on Steam and Bandcamp, while a release on major streaming platforms, including Spotify and Deezer, will follow later this month.

Patch notes

Content updates:

  • There is new background music to most of the scenes, and the music for the main menu and Dawn’s skating scene has been revised.
  • The game now saves your progress when you enter a new scene, so you can continue playing from that scene or start a new game when you restart the game.
  • Added French and Spanish translations made by Cassandra Plagelat (French) and Eric Montiel López (Spanish).
  • Made minor tweaks to some user interface elements, both for accessibility and aesthetics.

Technical updates:

  • Updated Unity version to 2021.3 and FMOD to 2.02.09.
  • Implemented a new custom audio system that uses a higher level FMOD wrapper, and fixed some related automatic reading bugs.
  • Fixed a bug that appeared with the update regarding controlling the cursor with the gamepad. The game now uses a virtual mouse with a software cursor instead of controlling the hardware cursor directly.
  • Fixed a bug regarding screen resolutions not appearing or being wrong.


Invisible Wings: Chapter One 284 MB
Version 1.3 Jan 15, 2023

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