Invisible Wings is available now!

Audune Games is thrilled to announce that Invisible Wings is now available to play for free! Head over to the Steam store page or the download page to claim your copy and start playing!

Join the release hype at Mae’s Place, the most awesome diner in Ceylynn! In our public Discord server you can talk about the game, ask for support, tell us if you found the easter egg in the game, or have a chit chat about anything else. See you there!

Definitive patch and soundtrack

As some of you will already know, writing music for such a personal passion project as Invisible Wings is hard, and so not all scenes are filled with the music that they deserve. Therefore we will release a definitive patch of Invisible Wings probably this fall, with even more magical music!

With this patch the original soundtrack of Invisible Wings will become available too for you to buy on Steam and, as well as releases on major streaming platforms like Spotify and Deezer. Follow us on our social media accounts linked below to stay updated on this definitive patch!

The next steps

This release of Inivible Wings is only a demo and proof of concept for what we envisioned as the final game, which provides a vertical slice of the story in the form of an interactive visual novel. This demo so far only contains only 5-10% of the story and worldbuilding we have in mind for the final game, so there’s way more to expect.

As the next step, we want to make a narrative adventure game, featuring Dawn’s whole story, modeled in beautiful 3D environments full of things to explore, akin to Dreamfall and Life Is Strange. With your support you can help us making the full game a reality!

You can support us for as low as €1 a month via Patreon, while donating €5 or more gives you access to the Patron Lounge on Discord too. If you are not fond of monthly subscriptions, you can also donate a small amount on our Ko-fi page. Every little thing helps us tremendously, even if it’s as small as a nice review or comment on how your experience with the game was. Thank you!

Last but not least, stay up to date about Invisible Wings and its development process by following us on Twitter and Facebook!

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